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» Allicin
» Beta-glucan
» Citric Acid
» Copper Oxin
» Mannan Oligosaccharide
» Metronidazole
» Nifuroxazide
» Pectin
» Phosphoric Acid
» Secnidazole
» Sodium Butyrate


VILLA GUARD is an innovative and unique formula, consists of many active ingredients that work in perfect harmony to provide the maximum care of the gastrointestinal tract in poultry by removing dead cells and debris, reducing inflammations chances, and improving digestion and absorption processes by improving the intestinal villi quality (Length and width).
VILLA GUARD, also, protects against possible gastrointestinal infections during the different production stages by maintaining the acidic medium in the gastrointestinal tract that has a great effect on a large scale of microbes and bacteria such as Clostridium species. Thus, obtaining the best rates of productivity and the greatest possible economic benefits.


» Prophylaxis and treatment of poultry clostridiosis.
» Re-establishment of intestinal cell wall integrity.
» Improvement of feed-intake, especially during infection periods.
» Improvement of weight gain rate and FCR.


VILLA GUARD is a water-miscible product prepared to be added to the drinking water.


0.5-1 ml / 1 liter of drinking water (12 hours) for 3-5 days.


Bottle contains 500 ml
Bottle contains 1 Liter.
Gallon contains 5 Liters.


Store in a cool, dry place and avoid direct sunlight.