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Solveda's Export

Who are we?

Solveda is a well-established fast growing animal health company that is co-founded and managed by a group of experts professional veterinarians with their diversified background in manufacturing, sales, marketing and distribution of animal health products in the Egyptian domestic market as well as the Middle East and Africa.

Company Vision

We, at Solveda, believe that we have the combination of ability, willing, and experience to formulate and manufacture premium quality veterinary products that would reshape the animal health industry in the region. Formulating a tailored formula that suits the every local region production challenges is our key to success. We are working hard to be recognized in this area.

Company Mission

We, at Solveda, aim to continue our mission in serving all poultry producers in Egypt, Africa, and the Middle East through our own philosophy that is presenting high quality locally manufactured products containing unique formulas to offer the optimum solution for optimum recovery to comply the production economic and animal welfare. Owning a production facility with the two high technology production lines is our best tool to put our fingerprint on the market.