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Obour Factory

Obour factory was the first factory that SOLVEDA introduced itself to the animal health field. The
factory is registered as a feed-additives factory under the Ministry Of Agriculture in Egypt. The factory is GMP and ISO Certified since 2011.
SOLVEDA started penetrating the Egyptian market by the product (Villaguard) as an anticlostridial that followed by many unique products for poultry, cattle, pets and also for feed milling.
Due to the good impact and positive feedback about products, SOLVEDA attracted many manufacturers and entities to produce their product in SOLVEDA factory. Nowadays, SOLVEDA export a large number of its products to many countries in Africa and Gulf area.

10th Of Ramadan Factory

One of the steps that SOLVEDA took to develop and expand its manufacturing capabilities to match all animal health needs, SOLVEDA began to construct a new factory in 10th Of Ramadan City. The new factory is registered for pharmaceuticals and Veterinary products under the Ministry of health in Egypt. The new factory held EMA GMP which allow Solveda to penetrate the other part of the globe (Europe, Australia) . The factory will allow solveda to produce new forms such as sachets, tablets & capsules, vials, ampoules, sterile disposable solutions...etc. The new factory will be launched by end of 2022