VillaGuard Powder

VillaGuard has a potent anticlostridia effect
– It combines the antibacterial actions of butyric acid, thymol and saponin.

VillaGuard improve weight gain and FCR
– It increases pancreatic and intestinal digestive enzymes secretion (enhances digestion).
– It increases length and width of intestinal villi (improves absorption).

VillaGuard has an immune enhancing activity
– It contains saponin which improves immune response.
– It contains sodium butyrate which has a stimulating effect for the host defense peptides and leucocytes.
– It contains thyme which boosts the immune system and improves wear and tear of the tissue.


Each Kg contains:

Butyrin glycerol esters: 400gm – Thymol extract: 10gm – Saponin: 5gm – Copper oxin: 25gm


1. Prophylaxis against clostridia infection in poultry.
2. Growth promoter to improve weight gain and FCR.
3. To improve gut integrity and to enhance enteric immunity.


250 – 500gm/ton of feed


Package contains 25 Kg