Sprint – East Africa Market Only

Sprint improves bird’s general performance
– It enhances metabolism by providing the required coenzymes, whom are vitamin B complex and trace minerals.

Sprint ensures bird’s healthy growth
– It provides chicks with the required calcium and phosphorus for healthy bone growth.
– It protects body tissue by the strong anti-oxidant effect of organic Selenium.


Each one liter contains:

  1. Vitamin A: 2500000 IU
  2. Vitamin D3: 750000 IU
  3. Vitamin E: 1396mg
  4. Vitamin B1: 492mg
  5. Vitamin B6: 495mg
  6. Biotin: 1000mg
  7. Selenium (Sodium selenite): 225mg
  8. Manganese (Manganese sulphate): 4511mg
  9. Magnesium chloride: 100mg
  10. Sodium chloride: 50mg
  11. Phosphoric acid: 125mg
  12. Citric acid: 180mg
  13. Potassium sorbate: 260mg
  14. Sorbitol: 25gm

Distilled water up to 1 liter.


– Supportive treatment for day old chicks to improve viability and to increase growth rate.


1-2 ml to be added to drinking water for 12 hrs for 3-5 days.


Bottle contains 500 ml.