Flush – East Africa Market Only

Flush has a very strong diuretic effect
– It helps body to clear mycotoxins and prevents their accumulation.
Flush protects the liver from mycotoxin effect
– It increases superoxide dismutase, an antioxidant enzyme.
– It increases level of glutathione enzyme, a potent detoxifier.
Flush improves performance
– It modifies gut pH which improves solubility of feed ingredients, digestion and absorption of nutrients.
– It improves carcass quality by decreasing abdominal fat.
Flush decreases the effect of mycotoxin especially aflatoxins on haematological and plasma biochemical traits


Each one liter contains:

  1. Growth promoter (Pro-immune): 250ml (Betaglucan: 7.5gm – Silymarin: 4gm)
  2. Growth promoter (Bedgen 40 liquid concentrate): 300ml (Cynara extract: 135gm – Choline: 109gm)
  3. L-Carnitine: 66gm ( L-Carnitine: 44.22gm – L-Tararite: 20.46gm)
  4. Propionic acid: 30gm
  5. Phosphoric acid: 20gm
  6. Potassium chloride: 10gm
  7. Potassium citrate: 45gm
  8. Sodium chloride: 10gm
  9. Magnesium chloride: 2gm
  10. Citric acid: 200mg
  11. Propylene glycol: 50gm

Distilled water up to 1 liter


  1. Diuretic and renal antiseptic
  2. To improve kidney and liver efficiency
  3. To improve digestion
  4. Antistress
  5. During and after IBD infection
  6. After usage of antibiotics and sulfa drugs
  7. To improve lipid digestion.


0.5 – 1 ml to be added to drinking water for 3-5 days.


Package contains 1 liter