Flo 2 – East Africa Market Only

FLO2 Protects against respiratory infection complications
– It improves the respiratory system efficiency.
FLO2 has a specific respiratory immune enhancing effect
– It improves respiratory system response to vaccination leading to increases HI titer after use of live respiratory vaccines.
FLO2 helps regeneration of respiratory system
– It decreases the post vaccine reactions and tissue damage.
FLO2 helps birds tolerate infection and vaccination stress
– It improves feed intake and body weight gain


Each liter contains:

  1. Growth promoter (Mento-Aid): 200ml (Menthol: 1.04gm – Menthol crystals: 13.2gm)
  2. Vitamin E: 46500mg
  3. Citric acid (91%): 20gm
  4. Poatssium sorbate:30gm
  5. Sorbitol: 50gm
  6. Propylen glycol: 70gm

Distilled water up to 1 liter


– To improve efficiency of respiratory system.
– Supportive treatment during and after any respiratory infections or vaccinations, viral or bacterial.


0.25 ml to be added to drinking water for 48 hours


Bottle contains 500 ml.