Electromax – East Africa market Only

Electromax, the balanced formula;

Electromax supplies birds with balanced concentrations of the required electrolytes, minerals and vitamin D3 whom are essential
for the healthy growth and the optimal production levels.

Electromax, the proper utilization;

Electromax guarantees proper absorption and metabolism of the supplied electrolytes and minerals in a way that supports birds during their high demanding status as in fast growth period, peak of production and stressful conditions.


Each one liter contains:

  1. Vitamin D3: 1,000,000IU
  2. Copper sulphate: 1167mg
  3. Ferrous sulphate: 1365mg
  4. Cobalt sulphate: 0.4116mg
  5. Manganese sulphate: 0.4557mg
  6. Calcium chloride: 54gm
  7. Potassium chloride: 13gm
  8. Sodium chloride: 19.5gm
  9. Phosphorus (Phosphoric acis 85% – Phosphoris 30%): 63.75gm

Distilled water up to 1 liter.


– Layers: Prophylaxis and treatment of egg shell problems.
– Breeders: Prophylaxis and treatment of egg shell problems, low hatchability and low chick vitality.
– Broilers: Prophylaxis and treatment of rickets caused by fast growth or feed imbalance.


0.5 ml to be added to drinking water for 12 hours for 3-5 days.


Bottle contains 1 liter