Clocox – East African Market Only

– Clocox protects the enterocytes from coccidia infection as it contains Diclazuril which acts as coccidicidal that covers all intracellular developmental stages of the parasite.

– Clocox contains vitamin K3 which is necessary for blood coagulation.


Each 1 liter contains:

  1. Vitamin A: 10000000 IU
  2. Vitamin D3: 2000000 IU
  3. Vitamin E: 10000mg
  4. Vitamin K3: 1000mg
  5. Vitamin B1: 1000mg
  6. Vitamin B2: 5000mg
  7. Vitamin B6: 1500mg
  8. Vitamin B12: 10mg
  9. Biotin: 50mg
  10. Nicotinic acid: 30000mg
  11. Pantothenic acid: 10000mg
  12. Folic acid: 1000mg
  13. Diclazuril: 1000mg
  14. Propylene glycol: 50gm

Distilled water up to 1 liter


– Prophylaxis from Coccidia infection


1 ml to be added to drinking water for 48 hrs.


Bottle contains 500 ml